7 Visualization Resources For Practice And Inspiration

The only way to improve your Tableau, Power BI or Looker visualization skills is to work with new datasets and make visualizations from a scratch frequently. Here are some resources where you can get free datasets, look at visualizations that others have made and find ideas to improve your visualizations.

Visualization Resources For Practice And Inspiration

Makeover Monday

Web – Makeover Monday
Twitter – #MakeoverMonday
Frequency – Every Monday

Workout Wednesday

Web – Workout Wednesday
Twitter – #WOW2021
Frequency – Every Wednesday

Sports Viz Sunday

Web –Sports Viz Sunday
Twitter –#SportsVizSunday
Frequency – Monthly

Viz for Social Good

Web – Viz For Social Good
Twitter – #VizforSocialGood

Iron Quest

Web – Iron Quest
Twitter – #IronQuest
Frequency – Monthly

Storytelling with Data

Web – Storytelling with data
Twitter –#SWDChallenge

Viz Zen Data

Web – Viz Zen Data
Twitter – #ProjectHealthViz
Frequency – ~Monthly

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