Data Engineering Reads – Tableau, Looker Alliance Raises Eyebrows, Data Modeling in SQL Vs Data Lake

Looker and Tableau alliance caught a lot of people by surprise. Two big competitors coming together means big changes are ahead for the data landscape. Users can now model in LookML and build visualizations in Tableau. Looker has always been a transformational tool first, and a consumption tool second. (

Another take on the Looker and Tableau integration. Is Looker losing its relevance or is it reinventing itself? (

A good case study on how Udemy built an event tracking system to meet its growing data analytics needs. (Medium)

Data modeling in SQL vs file-based (data lake) – the two approaches may look very similar functionality but operate on very different principles. (Confession of a Data Guy)

Understanding the state of your data has never been more important. Data lineage, metadata, logs, and metrics are key to understanding your data. (Towards Data Science)

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